We are the main distributor of Abbott's critical blood parameters analyzer i-STAT and devices for sleep apnea and home ventilation CPAP and MyAirvo2 by Fisher & Paykel on the Polish market. Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the medical and IT industry. Our offer is innovative and dedicated to both public and private medical care, laboratories, clinics and many other places where fast analysis of blood parameters and home care is needed for CPAP and MyAirvo2 products.


The myAIRVO 2 device is designed for patients in home and long-term care facilities. MyAirvo 2 provides support for respiratory function and lubrication of the respiratory tract while being comfortable and easy to use. Nasal High Flow Therapy (NHF) is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a therapy for the treatment of patients with respiratory failure in the course of pneumonia caused by pathogens entering the body through droplets.



SleepStyle gives the user the freedom to choose the best procedure for patients.

We all want freedom that combines with the possibility of making a choice. Choosing how we spend time. How do we work. Choosing this how we care about our patients.

It's possible with the SleepStyle device.



Laboratory locked in a cartridge
Critical blood parameters analyzer
System available 24/7
Device without service and calibration
Integrated system with HIS and LIS
A mobile solution, right next to the patient
A device that is easy to use, telemedicine
Certified and compliant with ISO standards


Measuring speed


Our mission

For several years, we've been trying to help patients and optimize processes in which we put the quality of service and patient safety first

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Our innovations

To meet the increasingly growing needs of society in the use of innovative technologies supporting health protection and facilitating everyday life, we have created an innovative project. Our team consists of people full of passion and vision of a better, safe world. Our goal and mission is to create and deliver innovative technologies that increase people's comfort and quality of life. Technology introducing a breakthrough in diagnosing the patient, the private person, but above all increasing the safety and time, comfort of life. All our employees are specialists in their field with numerous professional successes, we have on board IT, electronics, mechatronics, chemists, signal detection specialists and lawyers who support us in the field of Polish and international law. We are currently working on an innovative solution in the field of measuring critical life parameters of a patient in real time, including a sick person during convalescence, an elderly person who stays at home and requires constant monitoring and assessment of health. Our solution consists of two elements of telemetry band and mobile 360 ​​patient monitoring system.

The solution will be a ready patient monitoring system in a medical facility and remote care (home care). The prepared telemetry solution can be an element of the wardrobe and perform both measuring and aesthetic functions, including responding to current fashion trends. An important and distinguishing element of our solution will be the ability to use it in any diagnostic devices that do not allow the introduction of any metal elements (ferromagnetics). The proposed solution is not only resistant to electromagnetic fields, but can be subjected to disinfection processes and thanks to the technologies used it is characterized by high asepticity. The materials that will be used for production meet the current market expectations in the field of environmental protection, each element of the solution can be recycled or can be reused. An important aspect worth emphasizing is that the proposed solution fits very well with the current needs in the field of optimization of hospital processes, including SOR processes and patient care during the recovery period after surgery, illness. The offered band will be available in at least two versions, hospital and home version. The hospital version will be a one-time solution, while the home version will be subject to the charging process. Both versions of the solution will be integrated with an IT platform prepared for the presentation of measured data, including personalized alerts and remote monitoring of the patient's condition and location, full monitoring where the patient is staying and whether he does not require immediate assistance (fall monitoring). The proposed solution will use an open IT platform that can be easily integrated with medical systems and in the case of the home version with the patient's phone. For the home version, we anticipate using the full synergy between the band and the phone in terms of data transmission and patient position. Our many years of experience in the medical market indicate the possibility of a wide application of the telemetry band, e.g. in optimization processes for various therapies, cost optimization, or the preparation and implementation of new medical procedures where the patient and his safety is in the center of attention.


Ask us

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to present the analyzer we offer during the practical presentation, which will give you the opportunity to directly convince you of the intuitiveness and speed of use as well as the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the analysis offered by the i-STAT system.